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zqfans is a livejournal community for fans of actor Zachary Quinto! The community is strictly for Zachary Quinto content such as internet articles, video interviews, magazine scans, appearances, and other ZQ news. Please read through the rules in the User Info before posting to the community. Otherwise, please join and start posting about Zach!

Contacting the mods
If you have any concerns/complaints/thoughts for us mods, you can private message thefreshchuff here, ogiraffe here, and canadian_turtle here. No need to send a letter to all three mods, but you can send your thoughts to any of us.

Just click here to join the community. :D

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Please, please, PLEASE read the following rules before posting to the community. We have strict rules as to what content is allowed and what isn't. This isn't meant to turn anyone off joining/posting to the community, we just want to make sure we stick to discussion about Zach.

When posting:
+ Please tag your entries with the appropriate community tags.
+ Use thumbnails/lj-cuts when posting embedded videos and images over 300px in width or height.
+ Lj-cut all spoilers for Heroes, Star Trek, or whatever other Zach project you may have.
+ Lj-cut any lengthy entries like interviews and the like.
+ Be kind and courteous to other members of the community. Respect their wishes if someone asks you to put something behind a cut, as not everyone has the same internet connection/screen resolution, and what might not seem too long to you might be to someone else.
+ Please refrain from flaming other posters, getting into fights in the comments, etc.

What can be posted to the community:
+ Interviews with Zachary Quinto (videos, links to articles, transcriptions of magazine interviews)
+ Magazine articles with or about ZQ or any of his characters.
+ Pictures/Picspams/Videospams of ZQ under lj-cut's according to size and length of the post.
+ Other news about ZQ such as events, personal developments, upcoming projects, etc.
+ Encounters meeting ZQ are always welcome!
+ Spoilers/Information specifically regarding ZQ's character Sylar on Heroes are allowed as long as the spoilers are placed behind a cut.
+ Information on future ZQ roles (such as Spock), or info on past roles is always welcome.
+ Paparazzi pictures and videos of ZQ are allowed, but please put the contents under an lj-cut, and include a warning clearly stating the post is of paparazzi pictures. More here.

What isn't to be posted to the community (and can get a post deleted):

- Fannish things including and not limited to:
- fan fiction
- icons
- ficathon notices
- fan mixes
- fan vids
- other graphics
- Community promotions unless approved by a Mod.
- Dreams about ZQ
- Encountering someone who looks like ZQ.
- Introduction posts.
- Requests for downloads, screen caps, video clips, etc.
- Any post not having to do with Zach

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